Apple: 5 iPhone7 & iPhone7Plus Cases You Can Get Now



I’ll be the first to admit it, as far as getting anything really nice for your newiPhone7 and iPhone7Plus is concerned, we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. No one, and by no one I’m referring to the usual fashion/luxury brands that sell iPhone cases, has released anything truly lust-worthy as yet, so we’ll just have to contend with these for now till the big boys catch up, which I think will take another 3 months or so.

As for me, I’m definitely getting one of these, especially when my clumsy self will drop/scratch/ruin my new iPhone7Plus in no time at all. So what choices do we have? Well, for starters, Apple’s very own leather cases, which retail for SGD64 andSGD68 for the iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus respectively. 7 colours are available, which ain’t bad considering there’s probably one colour you’ll actually like. For the silicone ones, they come in 9 different hues and are priced at SGD48 and SGD58respectively. And you can buy them online now via or any authorised Apple reseller. You’ll just have to tell yourself that it’s a temporary stop-measure till something that actually makes your heart flutter comes along.

For those who prefer something a little more ‘showy’, there’s Spigen crystal shell cases that come in both sizes. Made up of clear PC with an engineered bumper, they come ‘rimmed’ in 3 colours, Crystal Clear, Dark Crystal and Rose Crystal, and are priced at SGD24.90 and SGD26.90 respectively. Affordable, really.

Love leather but want something more swish? Then check out Mujio’s line ofiPhone7 and iPhone7Plus cases. Available in 3 different styles (there’s the leather case and 2 leather wallet cases which allow you to slip a card, EZ-Link maybe, into the sleeve), they come in 3 different colours too. Choose from Black, Gray or Tan, with prices starting from EUR28.24 a pop. Not bad, not bad at all, just click here to shop online.

Last but not least, we have Speck’s Presidio Grip cases for both sizes. Reasonably stylish, and with 6 colours to choose from, the enhanced rubber grip on both sides of the case will definitely help those with elephant fingers. Ok, elephants don’t have fingers but you know what I mean. Priced from USD39.95, Speck doesn’t ship internationally for now, so maybe use a forwarding service or check out Amazon. Or you can just go for the huge Otter rubber ones that I’ve seen selling at authorised resellers in Singapore. Hideously huge, but you’ll never lose youriPhone ever again.

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Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Replica: Most Common Flaws You Should Avoid


Even though this guide is meant to help those who are trying to find the best Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour replica, you can also use it to authenticate a Sac De Jour you’re having doubts about.

Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Replica Common Flaws

First of all, a good Saint Laurent Sac du Jour replica should be made of high-quality leather. The real Sac de Jour is made of beautiful rich leather and so should be a premium replica. It’s difficult to tell if the bag is made of real leather when you’re shopping online because you can’t actually smell it or feel it but you can tell if the material looks too matte and bland. Just like you would expect from a high-quality designer bag, the interior is just as luxurious as the exterior. The interior of the Sac de Jour is lined in ultrasuede while the inside pockets are lined with a faille material that prevents the bag from looking bulky. You should also keep in mind that the Sac de Jour is a structured tote, so you should not buy a replica that looks slouchy. Needless to say that a cheap Sac du Jour replica will not follow these rules.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Lining

Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jour Interior View

A good Saint Laurent Sac du Jour replica should also have impeccable stitching all across the bag. If the bag has loose threads all over, then it means it’s a low quality replica.

Based on the Yves Saint Laurent replica reviews I’ve received so far, I can tell you for sure that the weakest point and most common flaw of the Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour replica bags is the logo stamp. The stamp (both inside and out) should be crisp, clear and consistent and it should match the color of the hardware. You will notice that many of the fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bags you’ll find online (especially the cheaper ones) have smudges around the stamp or that the logo is not aligned. I know that I’ve said before that the “T” should touch the “N” in front of it both for the “Saint” and for “Laurent” but this is not enough anymore. Because I’ve seen some fake YSL bag logos that followed this rule were still really bad:

Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Replica Stamp Flaws

Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Replica Bags With Bad Stamp

Remember this YSL Sac de Jour Nano review? That bag was a huge hit back then and everyone wanted a Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour replica in that beautiful pink color. But the biggest problem that Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour replica had was not that the color wasn’t exactly like the real one but the fact that both the inside and the exterior stamp were really bad. But don’t worry, you will be able to find Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour replica bags with amazing stamps! And you can find some good examples right here, on the blog.

Replica YSL Sac de Jour Nano Review

YSL Sac de Jour Nano Review – Stamp Flaws

Still, you need to take into account that a good replica Sac De Jour is usually quite expensive, one in the 300 USD range being the most affordable. But the prices can go up to $500 for a Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour replica in Medium size. It’s not that you can’t find a Sac de Jour replica cheaper than this. But just don’t expect it to be made of real leather.

Now let’s see what the other replica handbags reviews on the blog have taught us about Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bags:

Shoulder strap flaws:

“My biggest issue would be the shoulder strap which is not like the original. It is cut off and sewed close whereas the original one is enclosed all the way between 2 pieces of leather. I have circled it in red”

When the end of the strap looks glued rather than stitched.

Saint Laurent Replica Sac De Jour Flaws

Saint Laurent Replica Sac De Jour Shoulder Strap Flaws

The hardware:

Make sure it’s not too gold or too shiny because that’s when it looks cheap.

Hardware pieces that need to be engraved: the two middle compartment zipper pulls should be made of metal and marked with “Saint Laurent” on one side, while the interior pocket zipper pull should be made of leather. The lock and keys should also be engraved but sometimes they are very poorly engraved and that makes them useless:

Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Replica Hardware Engravings

Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Replica Keys Are Poorly Engraved

Don’t be surprised to see that some Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour replica bags come with a serial number tag too. The tag is sometimes misplaced on a fake YSL bag but I do not consider this to be a major flaw because it’s not visible. But in case you need this information to learn how to spot a fake Sac de Jour, then you should know that the serial number is embossed on a leather patch you should find inside the interior pocket.

Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Replica Hanging Tag

Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Replica Leather Tag Flaws

The leather tag hanging in the front should be embossed with the words “Saint Laurent Paris” but I’ve noticed that this stamp is crooked on many fake YSL Sac de Jour bags. If that’s the case with your bag too, maybe you should consider wearing it without this tag.

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