Prada 2013 fall winter collection


Although the sport was shot with a photographer, Steven Meisel, but there is no special message on the label of all activities as in their Spring Summer 2012 activities, which is recognized as Prada rod movement hot optimistic is then followed by the album of the many labels and magazines, is known as the impact of Prada.

On the other hand, is … the collection is truly amazing beauty and fashion, we all know that their works Prada can do not wrong. Line of clothes, accessories, handbags and shoes, everything looks fantastic, fun, beautiful, but also evoke the elegance and charm of the brand. Heavy colored floral prints and geometric, bright colors and bold, some people also provide pastels, I can not say any more than brilliant, and Prada women offers so many beautiful things, but they have the chance.

How wonderful this sport for me, it’s more like a brochure, because I can see the entire label. Veteran and model of the new cast, as Iser el Lin Luijendijk Anne Vyalitsyna Steiro, Madison Headrick, pediment Gizycko Wei Yake Magdalena Axente and Vanessa, they are iconic dress and clothing of all kinds of handbags, accessories and footwear, including many high pumps, platform, open toe with oxford shoes and fun units available in bright colors and prints.

I can say there is no great movement, but I would say hands down, there are so many top works featured in this campaign, or brochure?

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Prada 2012 Spring Summer Bag New Recommendations


Prada 2012 handbags, like a spring breeze, lit the early spring fashion breath, this season’s big package, all the outstanding characteristic: bright colors, the design is novel, and pay more attention to practical. A lot of big shop sign in all kinds of new product launch, after several main of main, most spring color. Light blue and bright yellow ties together, more nostalgic fashion restoring ancient ways, but the design line and details are avant-garde waters.
Marc by Marc Jacobs 2012 Spring Summer handbags series: creative inspiration steady stream not brand designer Marc Jacobs quarterly also for young series Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags series brings infinite surprise, bright color and light color fastens form bright color hit, the shape of the square and shoulder strap design is very lady and orthodox feeling.
“Big according to different season every year in 2012, launch new products of many luxuries are go fresh and tender line.” In the city of lu xun’s the way a luxury handbags store, assistant pointing to a bag of MiuMiu told reporters, luxury actually and is very much to the season, winter brunet department goods sell qiao, spring, summer, nature is bright color department sell better. Although now the weather is cold, but there have been many customers to ask about the bag of Spring Summer.
Man’s table, women’s bag, the bag is women’s good minds, even can’t afford it, see at a glance makes people spend in full bloom. Next big Spring Summer saw ahead of new product bag!The new wrinkle catch lamb MiuMiu bag: this type of bags series colour Ming yan full, whether fuchsia, bright orange or blue ink, all can easily collocation gives give prize modelling.Anteprima2012 Spring Summer handbags: in the New Year is coming, in the design of the bag to join the dragon elements. This type of HELLO KITTY edition bags, KITTY bowknot of the head and cat whisker to swarovski crystal carefully build, appear very noble.

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Prada Spring: Prada`s Back Baby!


In my article Bringing The Fun Back Into Fashion I talked about home much I love the Prada Spring Collection, but for some reason I didn`t dedicate a whole piece to it. I feel like I`ve been talking to everyone I see about how much I`m loving Prada right now. Ever since New York Fashion Week I`ve been raving about their vibrant designs. And while it`s true that bright colors are the mode du jour for all designer handbags in the Spring collection, it is this gals humble opinion that Prada is doing it best. After a few years of subpar designs, I`m happy to say that Prada is back, baby!

The Best of the Spring Collection

A lot of people were more critical of this collection than I, so I`ll just mention a couple of the criticisms laid at this collection before I talk about why I love it. First, there have been claims that the bags are the worst part of Prada`s Spring collection. This is ridiculous. Prada has designed unbelievable shoes and prêt-a-porter for this Spring, so the fact that these bags don`t jump out at you immediately shouldn`t be a surprise. These bags are a part of an overall aesthetic that everything fits into – they`re part of a look, of great outfits, of a way of being. And, they look great in this context.

Secondly, there has been a critique that these bags are canvas when they should be leather. I have two retorts to this. First, I love canvas bags. I think it`s a great material and I make sure to maintain a balance between canvas and leather in my purse collection. Second, we all know that these bags will be translated into leather for retail. This happens every year! The aesthetic is outlined in the Fall fashion week season and this aesthetic is translated to a number of different materials and styles for retail in the spring.

I love these bags because:
1. They are simple, straight-forward, and elegant at once
2. Rather than relying on frills or gimmicks, they use simple, bold colours and classy designs
3. They are instantly recognizable
4. They perfectly blend classic designs with irreverent fun

So, now that the talking is out of the way, let`s look at the bags!

Up above you can see four examples of bags from the collection. I really like them all (though I don`t think they`re my favorites in the collection per se, just a great cross section and they`re great examples of a bunch of the things going on in this collection. You can see the bold colours, the stripes, and the cute handles and details.

This is one of my favs. I love the solid blue – and look at how well it matches the shoes! Love it!

And, this simple little bag. I love the contrast of the green top flap with black main bag. And, is this not textured leather? Some bloggers (who shall remain nameless) seem to claiming that there`s no leather in this collection!

Lastly, if you checked out the title image for this post you would have seen the lovely striped clutches with vibrant colours (against black) that are really making themselves seen. Check out how beautiful they look in contrast to the white dresses with elaborate prints. SOOOOOOOOO nice!

Prada Resort Bags

And, I couldn`t talk Prada without quickly mentioning these Prada resort handbags with exotically accented linen and straw. These are super elegant, sophisticated bags with a lightness that will be just perfect come summer. Have you seen any bags that look like these? Prada, you are on fire!

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Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


Year, Coco Chanel Duke of Westminster and Lovers spend happy hour in Scotland after the Scottish tweed, cashmere, cardigan, knitted fabrics, such as back to Paris in the future as Chanel's classic elements.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


This is Lafayette called "barbaric romantic" early autumn series is Lafayette's bond from Chanel in Scotland for inspiration. Then, Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster in Scotland spend Valentine's Happy Hour, will Scottish tweed, cashmere, cardigan, knitted fabrics, such as back to Paris in the future as Chanel's classic elements.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


Design director Julie de Libran to French director Francois Truffaut 1968, his work "The Bride Wore Black" as a source of inspiration to create a temptation uninhibited feeling, so decadent and elegance go hand in hand. So that the whole family can not wait to become the kind of girls mature woman's sense of conflict.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


Performed by photographer Steven Meisel from the early autumn mirror large ad easy to see that a continuation of T stage, bad hair, a large number of elements and masculine plaid jacket contours are demonstrating a different kind of sexy, with earthy colors Twin Pockets bags, neutral sexy charm on its head.
The use of highly stylized leather Vitello Glacé without losing functionality of the package, the continuation of the brand Prada has always been the essence of simplicity sporty leather and pockets on both sides became prominent individual elements of this series.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


Dior early autumn this year, the continuation of the usual modern romantic style, continues as we present simple but fancy look. Raf Simons through the transformation of the earlier work showing a high degree of practical series. And rather retro elements Houndstooth fabric pattern and men to join, showing the romantic yet tough neutral attitude.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda



Be cool and psychedelic Givenchy early autumn series flagship, Tisci for this series of large perfusion Italy nostalgic 1970s style, black and white sepia through them. The entire series was inspired by the full force of the Italian male fashion designer Walter Albini and architect Gio Ponti. From masculine footwear, minimalist stiff package design can be seen that this will definitely be extended to the whole tough winter.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


2013 early autumn Gucci features minimalist design, while contains thousands of charming, pure pattern implied meaning, interwoven sketched out a series of attractive women attracted to highlight neat able at the same time also sought visually beautiful. Elegant coat, tied at the waist specially designed retro square buckle belt, with a bow decorated with patent leather high heels, wearing fine gloves, instantly chic travel.

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