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Introducing the Hermes Bolide Bag. The Bolide bag dates back in 1923 when Emile-Maurice Hermès created this handbag for his wife that will be used for an automobile event in Paris. This is the first handbag to ever use a zipper. It is a domed top handle bag with a zip around closure. It also includes a removable leather shoulder strap.
The Birkin and Kelly Tote are the two superstars signed to the company Hermes. They are ‘exclusive’, even men wants to say the words: ‘forever’ to them. And to get a piece of this iconic, either phone the god of luck or get on the waiting list, well only if it’s still available of course.

But next to the Birkin or Kelly, we do get a lot of positive response about the Bolide Bag. Some say that it is one of the classic bags that Hermes has ever produced – giving complimenting on its beauty, ease of use and versatility.

A feminine shape for everyday, simple yet impressive, details on the little stitches – the Hermes stitches, in single colors and then refined with silver hardware, especially the iconic Hermes lock stands out like a charm.
Hermes Bolide Bag
Hermes Bolide 27 Bag: 27 x 20 x 10 in cm (W x H x D)
Hermes Bolide 31 Bag: 31 x 24 x 12 in cm(W x L x D)
Hermes Bolide 35 Bag: 35 W x 28 H x 15 in cm (W x H x D)
Hermes Bolide 45 Bag: 45 x 36 x 23.5 in cm(W x H x D)
Since I added an Hermes Bolide bag to my closet a few years ago, I’ve become convinced that it’s one of the best and truly  classic bags that the brand has ever produced. It’s incredibly versatile, beautiful (though I give the top marks to the Kelly for beauty), and easy to use. My own bag was a little black version (see the review here) with silver hardware in the 31cm size – and I loved it!

Last year however, my mom mentioned that she liked my Bolide, and decided to “take it over” for awhile. Don’t we all love our moms? Mine is notoriously difficult to shop for, so I was thrilled to finally have an item that she actually wanted. After a while though, I missed the bag, and thought I would add another. I wanted black, but was very hesitant to get the exact same bag again…as sometimes my mom and I “share”. So when I had an opportunity to add a black Bolide, but in a larger size, I was very happy to do so!

With my new larger size, I thought it would be the perfect chance to do a size comparison between the 31 and 35 size (borrowing back the 31 from my mom for a day!).
Overall, I am a fan of the Bolide in the 31 and 35 sizes, and think that both of them can have a place in most wardrobes. To me, for someone of my height and tolerance for weight, the 31 is much more of a day purse, while the 35 is a work and travel sized bag. If I could only have one, it would still be the 31 – but I know that many think the same as the 35.

I hope that this was a helpful post for some of out there who might be thinking of adding a wonderful Bolide to your closet! I would recommend this bag in either size, any day!

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