Tiffany & Co. Paloma’s Groove Collection

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As if we needed another reason to love Tiffany & Co., what with their pretty robin egg blue boxes and delightfully enchanting jewellery pieces, here comes a new collection even the menfolk can surely appreciate. Simply known as Paloma’s Groove, it is designer Paloma Picasso’s ode to the men in our lives, graphic and handsome in a way that your man can appreciate, what with its well-placed grooves and tactile quality.


Available in full selection of jewellery pieces from a cuff and cufflinks to pendants and even rings that come in 2 different widths, they come in 18K yellow and rose gold, along with sterling silver (for the more wallet-conscious, of course) and even brushed titanium for a finish that’s truly something that must have been created just for me.

Starting from SGD385 for the narrow ring in sterling silver, prices peak at SGD4900for a pair of 18K gold cufflinks, which thankfully for me, doesn’t matter because I’m almost never in a proper dress shirt.


And here they are, the titanium rings that I love love love. Now if I can only get the mister to also wear a matching one as me, I’ll be as happy as a lark.

As if we needed another reason to love Tiffany & Co.

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Serpentine Jewels: The Year of the Snake

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Serpentine Jewels

According to the Chinese zodiac, next week marks the beginning of the Year of the Snake. You wouldn’t want to start off on the wrong foot (or with the wrong accessories!), so dress accordingly. Of course, the Bulgari Serpenti collection is the best way to celebrate the New Year. Whether you’ve always dreamed of trying out one of the sexy coiled bangles or some real snakeskin, Serpentis and these other dangerously designed pieces with slither their way onto you with pleasure. The only question is, what’s your poison?

Alexander McQueen Whip Snake Belt Bracelet with Skull Charm: Delicate white polka dots may be a surprising trend to juxtapose against black whip snake, but between that and the skull charm, this leather band is venomously good. 

Aurelie Bidermann Mamba Snake Ring: In Ancient Egyptian mythology, it was widely believed that a two-headed serpent deity guarded the underworld – now he guards your hand! 

Sara Weinstock Paraiba Tourmaline & Diamond Snake Earrings: Composed of one of the world’s most unique gems, paraiba tourmaline, these earrings are true reptilian rarities. 

Eric Lane Rattlesnake Cuff: The hardware heavy clasp on this thick 2-inch rattlesnake cuff screams motorcycle chic and lets people that you’re not to be toyed with. 

Tasha Critters Snake Brooch: Snakes are thought to represent both good and evil, which makes sense because this crystal creepy-crawly doesn’t look so mean, right?

Serpentine Jewels

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Celia de Flers Wishbone Collection: Good Luck Charms

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Celia de Flers Wishbone Collection

Normally, you’re trying to break a wishbone for good luck, but plated in rhodium, rose gold, and yellow gold, the pieces from Celia de Flers’ wishbone collection are virtually unbreakable. And it turns out an unbroken wishbone is the luckiest kind. It means that whatever you’re hoping for will come true soon! Whether you prefer your luck to come in the form of a petite ring or a bulky cuff (my favorite of the collection!), Celia has you covered. The Parisian designer is a born Jewel Snob with a grandmother who was friends with both the Cartier and Boucheronfamilies. She crafts jewels of all styles and prices, but this Frugal Snob collection won me over for its simple, lovely designs. Even the most unique piece, the three-finger ring, is elegantly understated. It artfully extends the legs of the wishbone out to create the second and third circles, almost obscuring the original inspiration. If you prefer to be more overt, the necklace and earrings are the best ways to show everyone just how lucky you are! 

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari Jewels: Cleopatra’s Collection

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari Jewels

When Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection went up for auction at Christie’s in late 2016, Bulgari bought up $20 million worth of their creations. Smart move – the value of pieces rapidly appreciated in the actress’ keeping. This summer they will exhibit several of these special gems in honor of the 50th anniversary of Taylor’s film Cleopatra (where she famously met Richard Burton, the gifter of many of these jewels).Jessica Chastain will host the Cannes Film Festival event wearing Taylor’s famous emerald and diamond necklace, so you can probably bet that the matching brooch  will also be on display. Cleopatra’s gold and turquoise mirror is of course on the roster, and I imagine so is Burton’s 40th birthday present to his love – the sapphire and diamond sautoir. One exciting surprise? A brand new Bulgari exclusive that’ll be auctioned off to benefit the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Sounds like an event fit for a queen!

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari Jewels

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Anndra Neen Geometric Choker: Secret of My Excess

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Anndra Neen Geometric Choker

When it comes to accessories, decadence is back, which to me always seems like a sign of an upswing in the economy. It’s excess all the way, but if you’re like me and not the type to pile on baubles, you need to make your statement in one fell swoop. Big and bold is the way to go and that’s always the way the sisters behind Anndra Neen operate, whether it’s with a cage clutch or a quilted metal choker. This geometric choker is a standout piece without being overly complicated – a simple, gold-tone necklace that just happens to be a complete scene-stealer. And I mean any scene, from brunch in a basic top to an evening gala in a luxe gown. What would you pair it with?

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Top 5 Pieces from Paire: Runway to Reality

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Top 5 Pieces from Paire

Every season, you should buy a few key pieces that will be your new statement jewels. For me, there’s no other place to look than Paire.US. The online boutique carries runway pieces that you cannot find anywhere else – and trust me when I make that statement, I mean it. Once you’ve acquired your major jewels, you can gradually fill in the blanks with other fun pieces that aren’t so striking. But always make it a rule to start by shopping for the stunners that will take you through the season. Here’s my core collection for Spring ’14:

1.  Leave it to Naeem’s jewelry-designing sister to take drop earrings to energetic, new heights. Too many colors you say? No way! This spring, you’ll be wearing plenty of color and this rainbow cocktail of glass beads and stones will go with everything.

2. As far as I’m concerned, every beach resort vacation warrants an ocean-worthy ring to go with it. Whether you enjoy deep sea-diving or prefer your critters in the form of calamari, this octopus will win you over. Don’t worry: cocktail rings are always allowed to be over-the-top.

3.A statement piece to say the least, this abstract necklace is untamed, uncontained, and beyond gorgeous. Nothing quite says spring like an unfettered explosion of blossoms. You’ll be working your entire wardrobe around this to ensure maximum wear in no time.

4. The eveningwear queen has translated her soft touch and glamorous aesthetic to the equivalent of a tiara for your neck. For festive nights, this Art Deco-inspired blend of antique-style silver and Swarovski crystals will be your staple forever, not just this season.

5.  How fun is this richly vibrant silicone creation? Architectural, just a tad sparkly, rather reminiscent of a brilliant work of Lego art: this may not be a piece you’ll wear long-term, but for now? You’ll be the center of attention.

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